Students’ Affairs

Student's affairs

The Students’ Affairs Unit is the seminarians’ own proper unit, animated by the formation principle of “students-helping-students”! The unit provides an opportunity for students to be active parts of their formation experience and to proffer their much-welcome support and suggestions towards the formation process.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, who is the Coordinator of the Students’ Affairs Unit, functions as the link between the students and the formators. He is the presence of the students before the formators and the presence of the formators before the students.

The Students’ Affairs Unit is run by the Students’ Council. This Council is headed by a student in the highest class duly elected by the general students’ body, together with his executives. The Students’ Council has various committees that are related to different aspects of the formation experience: Disciplinary Committee, Food Committee, Liturgical Committee, Sports Committee, and so on.

In sum, the Students’ Affairs Unit represents the desire of the Seminary to help students be self-reliant, responsible, vigilant and active participants in their formation process.

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