2021 Annual Patronal Feast of Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary Celebrated Internally.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the seminary had to celebrate her annual feast internally on 24th January 2021.

On 24th January 2021, the seminary celebrated her annual Patronal feast in honour of her patron saint; Blessed Cyprain Michael Iwene Tansi. However, the celebration this year, unlike previous years, took another dimension.

Due to the Covid19, which has ravaged and continues to haunt the world, there was no room for our traditional public celebrations. And so, the seminary family had to celebrate her annual feast internally, without visitors.  This is in conjunction with the Covid19 protocols. It was celebrated by the formators, staff and seminarians of Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary only.

Nevertheless, the internal celebration did not in any way scrape off the essential joy, that often come with the annual feast. It was a happy and successful event.

It began with a holy mass, which was presided over by Rev. Fr. Dr. Titus Nnabugwu, with the other priest-formators concelebrating with him. During the mass, the seminarians with joy, brought gifts according to their various hostels in thanksgiving to God for His wonderful deeds especially, for the gift of holiness of life bestowed on our very own brother.

Then again, the social aspect of the celebration came up later in the evening; after the vespers of the day. The hall of reception (the seminary refectory) was visibly decorated with spurts of laughter and happiness as there were presentations and beautiful refreshments, which spiced up the entire event.

Even though the celebration was minimal, and the witnesses limited, the joys that flowed were as vast as the ocean. However, we continue to pray through the intercession of Blessed Michael Cyprian Iwene Tansi, that God will put an end to the menace of the corona virus.

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