Seminary’s Marian Weekend 2021

It was both a spiritual and academic encounter on 14th and 15th May 2021 on the celebration of the Marian weekend in the seminary. The theme of this encounter was: Marian Consecration; should we all be Marian.

On the first day being 14th May, the seminarians had a discussion on the topic and so many life experiences with the Blessed Virgin Mary were shared. All these experiences were geared towards encouraging all seminarians and everybody to be Marian, that is to say, to honour and call upon Mary the Mother of God for intercessions.

On the second day being 15th May, the seminary invited a guest speaker by name, Rev. Fr. Michael Akaigwe, who went on to give the topic a broader perspective. Being Marian doesn’t actually mean throwing away everything about God. However, being Marian will actually make you to draw closer to God through his mother. The Blessed Virgin Mary gives us peace if we embrace her as a mother. She helps us to offer our difficulties to God and also to find time for the blessed sacrament.

Fr. Anselm Oruche, the moderator of the Marian Weekend, ended the whole discussion with a saying, “Wherever there is a mother, there is a thunder protector”. With other admonitions and teachings on the different apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the event ended with an imprint on everybody’s heart and mind that the Mother Mary is worth honouring and can always help us in times of need as a mother cares and cherishes her beloved children.

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