The Novelty Match between Year Two Seminarians and Year One Seminarians.

1st year team with the referees and the Vice Rector
A cross section of the first year team with the Vice Rector at the center and flanked by the referees

It was an exciting football match held on the Tansi Seminary field on the 15th of October, 2022, between 1st year and 2nd year seminarians in a befitting manner. In the match, first year students were defeated by their seniors by a 1-0 goal. It is as thought because normally it comes rare for the junior brothers in 1st year to win the 2nd year seniors.

2nd year team
A cross section of the 2nd year team

Presided over by the Vice Rector, the match was attended by some of the formators as the chief guests. Friends of the seminary, workers, and the seminarians were present during the match. The match was full of excitement. Both teams tried their best to win. Both of them were equally strong and showed their excellent skills and performance.

1st year team
A cross section of the 1st Year team.

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