Yes, many things changed. For the Archdiocese of Onitsha, for Nnewi, Abakiliki, Agwu and Nsukka dioceses, and for the Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth (HFFBY) congregation it was on 17th Dec. 2022. For Awka it was on 22nd Dec. 2022. For our Monk (OCSO) it was on 21st Dec. 2022. About these stated dates, men, laymen were carried by grace into the order of deacons; they were pitched a step away from the ontological Alter Christus. These laymen were ordained, they became deacons and are now clerics! Are you not marveled at God’s wonders and love? Are you not marveled that these laymen who came empty as they were are now elevated and vested with rights, duties and ecclesiastical powers? Indeed we must stop and thank God. It does not matter how long or short, but it must be immediate then, endless. This we have come to do today. To lay roses of gratitude before the Holy Trinity.

At Tansi seminary, it is traditionally called Epiphany, a name transposed from the epiphany of our Lord to now mean the official appearance, reception and most importantly, thanksgiving to God for our new deacons. The celebration began yesterday with a football match: Deacons vs Seminarians which final score line was 2:2. The celebration continued with lauds and culminated at Mass. The choir set the glorious pace as the procession led by the New acolytes, new lectors followed by the deacons. The deacons travelled their green stoles over their heads to their left shoulders. Then, they let out each step with grace matching like fresh wine served to the Lord. It would be the only time in the history of any set of deacons to enjoy the unity of participation on the sanctuary at same Mass.

The lectors proclaimed and sang fittingly. The homilist cum principal celebrant Rev. Fr. Jude-Thaddeus Udechukwu led us beside the still waters and with his words, he restored our souls. Thus, having contextualized the responsorial psalm: “See, I have come to do your will,” the homilist admonished us like St Paul to carry on the gospel message to all the corners of the world. He added that technology has given us the opportunity to spread the word of God easily and quickly. The Mass dismissal procession ended with collections of photographs.

Dear friends, indeed many things have changed both physical and spiritual. And it is to God we stand in thanksgiving for such spiritual transformation. May His name be praised both now and forever. Amen. Quickly, we also acknowledge all those who received the ministries: Acolytes and Lectors. May God give all His ministers the grace and strength to exercise their offices to the glory of God, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Meanwhile, happy new year beloved friends, wishing you God’s peace and Love.

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