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Today’s occasion is traced back to the dreams of the late Archbishop of Onitsha, Most. Rev. Albert Obiefuna who founded this distinguished institution Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary Onitsha as today November fifteen marks twenty second year of the establishment of our seminary. More accurately, it was on this day that Mother Tansi begot her first set of Children. Thus, the presence of all alumni of Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha comprising of both clergy and laymen from all the dioceses under the Onitsha Ecclesiastical province extending to few congregations as Holy Family Brothers of the Youth who have been nurtured and groomed on the laps of our renowned seminary.

At about 12:30 PM, the procession for Mass chaired by Rev. Fr. Johnbosco Ezika an aluminus of 2003 set. The procession was colored with priests of different age and time who travelled form different sides of the country. The well-structured and up lifting homily by Rev. Fr. Dr. Michael Muonwe of Ekwulobia diocese recreates the picture of Zacchaeus the tax collector who climbed the sycamore to see Jesus. From it, he charged us on the necessity and urgency of making sincere efforts to see Christ, to become better versions of ourselves in Christ.

Social gathering followed after the Mass. The Rector’s opening remarks reflects a warm welcome and appreciation to the alumni for all their support and presence. The singing of the school anthem which followed shortly announces to anyone present that it is the song of unity and love. With hands placed on our hearts and voices climbing to the moons, one cannot but be reassured that mother would be happy to see her sons both young and old, saluting her visions and prayers of our founding fathers in faith.

However, some things remain significant on days like this in the minds of our alumni who have come to visit their alma mater: it is a return to caress the chairs that carried them, the spoon and plates that bore their food, the rooms that kept cold and sun away. It is return to recall those parts of the compound that hold amazing and priceless memories. It is a return to brotherhood, a renewal of bond, it is in fact a return to mother. It is interesting to know that the time for entertainment was a travel to their past; memory of those creative times. Thus, they saw their little selves hidden in the presenters for it reminded them of their old good days at Tansi seminary when they too were young singers, dancer and amazing actors.

The end seem not to be desired except for the fact that there would be a football match between the old boys and the current school team. The football encounter however, at the final whistle reaffirmed the Igbo adage: Ike nalu na- umuaka. It was indeed a refreshing of memories. We are hopeful that next alumni day would be more exciting and memorable.

Long Live Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha!

Long Live The Alumni Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary, Onitsha!


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