A Day with “Friends of Tansi” Major Seminary Onitsha: A Celebration of Friendship

A Lunch with the friends of the seminary

The events of today at Tansi major seminary was a child born from the acceptance that life is nothing without friendship as discovered by the ancient Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero. He thus added that “friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by doubling our joy and dividing our grief.” Mounted upon this claim that Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary Family invited her friends not to abate misery but to raise glasses brimming with gratitude to these selfless pillars of the seminary. Thus, only two words can aptly summarize today’s event: Recognition and Thanksgiving. Yet, without retrospection, one cannot recognize favors received which therefore prompts thanksgiving.

Our thanksgiving and appreciation to the “Friends of Tansi” did not begin except with the Eucharistic Celebration where we began with thanksgiving first to God the giver of all good things. The Mass was chaired by Rev. Fr. Jude Udechukwu. Rev. Fr. Patrick-Paul Udo who was the homilist acknowledged that the sacrifices and generosity of “Friends of Tansi” are rooted in their love of God. Thus, he expounds that all God’s gifts are to be used for God’s glory and for our salvation which is the prime purpose of our lives on earth. Conclusively, he affirmed that God’s gift however should be enjoyed and celebrated but are to be used in ways that would not cost us our home in Heaven.

The Rector Rev. Fr. Fabian Obi before the final blessing at Mass officially and joyfully welcomed the “Friends of Tansi” seminary. He gave a historical review of how these friends of Tansi major seminary both clergy and laymen have remained sacrificial in lending their time, resources, and influence for the good of the seminary. In his words: “all you do, we see them and we are thankful.” Consequently, he stated that our gathering today is simply to celebrate the amazing friendship we share with these friends of Tansi seminary, to pray with and for them, to salute their efforts, and to serve them cargos of thanksgiving. The Rector, therefore, assured them that their visit to us today has no strings of donations to launching attached. It is purely to appreciate them for all they have been doing since the building and commencement of the seminary. In the end, the procession ended with group photographs followed by lunch with friends of Tansi.

Finally, the responsorial psalm today: “Maranatha: Come Lord Jesus” informs our prayers for these beautiful souls. Hence, we pray that our Lord Jesus may come and lavish his blessings on them, to prosper, protect and sustain their families and at the completion of time that they may be joined into full communion with God in heaven through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

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